Better Late Than Never…

Hi everyone, my name is Chanel and I am a pre-service teacher attending USQ Springfield.  I am majoring in Primary School teaching and am currently doing the EDC3100 course (hence the blog).

I am very new to this whole blogging thing so please bare with me as I try my best keep up with the course.  I tried to start the course with an open mind and thought that I was pretty organised with this and my other three courses that I am doing this semester, but just going through the introductory moodle books I felt myself getting extremely overwhelmed and wasn’t even sure where to start!

I attended the lecture and tutorial in the first week, hoping that I would get some clarification on what I needed to do (which I did), and now I hope that I am on the right track.  I know I am a bit behind, but HOPEFULLY the worst is behind me lol.  Hoping to meet some new people! 🙂

Better Late Than Never…

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