Brainstorming – Debunked??

I found that the YouTube clip shown in tutorial one was extremely interesting and was BIG news to me.  As a pre-service teacher, I have used brainstorming in lessons and as a high school student, I know that brainstorming in groups was a huge part of my learning back then.  So it was such a surprise to be shown a clip that totally dismisses the concept of brainstorming.

Once I got over my surprise and somewhat denial, it actually started to make a lot of sense.  Being a shy person myself, I would never contribute that much to the group if we were brainstorming all together compared to if I were by myself writing down my ideas on my own.

Then I started thinking about Frangenheim’s Think Pair Share Model and other thinking strategies, which I use on prac a lot, and how they seem to be a modified version of brainstorming.  Therefore, although I do agree with the YouTube clip where they have said brainstorming does not work, I also believe that modified versions of brainstorming do work under the right instruction and supervision.

I found a journal article that I thought was quite interesting that describes some mandatory principles of “brainstorming” that teachers need to use in order for it to actually be beneficial.  You can find it here.

Brainstorming – Debunked??

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