Expanding my PKM

Being new to all things technological, my PKM (I feel) needs some help.  Right now, my PKM only consists of the things I have learnt from in this course, for example feedly and diigo.  I am actually really enjoying using these resources now and definitely see the benefit as a teacher for using them, especially Feedly.  But, I’m kind of in a rut when it comes to actually finding my own resources because I never really know where to look, and whenever I do try and search through Google, I usually find myself overwhelmed with too many resources that I do not care to sort through.  This is where Kate Watson’s blog has helped me.  Her blog on finding a website called teacherhub.com and how it gives you really great and useful tips and Apps to use in the classroom has expanded my PKM just that little bit further.  I now am starting to realise how important it is to connect with other teachers and pre-service teachers through blogging in order to further expand my PKM and also hopefully help expand other teachers’ PKM as well.

Expanding my PKM

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