Connecting Constructing/Transforming Knowledge to Blooms

I personally found the  types of knowledge, Constructing Knowledge and Transforming Knowledge, to be very quite interesting and I felt that it really connected to a lot of the teaching strategies that I have already learnt about.  Constructing Knowledge is said to be static in the sense that it is all about what you know.  This relates to knowing facts and understanding procedures.  Transforming Knowledge relates to a dynamic stage of knowledge where you can use knowledge to create and do.

When I first read these definitions, I instantly thought that Transforming Knowledge sounds a lot like the Higher Order Thinking from Bloom’s Taxonomy and further reading on the Moodle book confirmed that Constructing and Transforming Knowledge does relate to Blooms.

This made the Constructing and Transforming Knowledge really sink for me because it related well to a strategy that I’ve known for a while now.  Rebecca writes about this in her post as well and provides a great picture that integrates the two strategies.

Connecting Constructing/Transforming Knowledge to Blooms

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